About me, Qualifications, Training, Experience

About Me

My name is  Glenis Eden - I have had a very varied life as a daughter, an only child, a child carer. I experienced losing all my family by the age of 20 years. I became a motherless daughter - my life evolved.  I became a student, a wife, mother, grandmother, counselling & psychotherapy client, also a friend and adult carer - perhaps like yourself too many roles to mention here. Eventually I become the director of my own fashion business.
In the mid eighties I felt in a rut with my life - this is when with trepidation I embarked on my first short term counselling sessions.
I had reached the same age as my mother had, when she died. I was naturally scared that would this happen to me - through the support of  a counsellor, I assessed my life, looked at my issues and eventually I decided upon a mid-life career change.
This led me into the very exciting and interesting world of personal growth and development.
After numerous therapies and personal development courses I decided to train in counselling and psychotherapy. I have been working in the therapeutic field since the late 1980s.

Qualifications since the mid - 80s

  • I am a well established therapist with a wide range of qualifications, trainings and experiences. I have integrated these various trainings into a unique blend, enabling me to support you at this stage of your life.
  • I use an wholistic approach, taking into consideration many levels of awareness - mind, body, spirit, 
  • Integrating all of your life experiences and relationships.
  • I meet with you to help you deal with whatever challenges are present.
  • I am a registered senior accredited counsellor/psychotherapist with British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I abide by the Code of Ethics and Practice of this professional and well established organisation.
  • I offer a safe, confidential, ethical and effective practice 
  • Adult teaching qualification
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy Diploma - UK College
  • Counselling in Primary Care Diploma - Bristol University
  • Cognitive Behavioural Training
  • National Centre for Eating Disorders - Diploma
  • Post Graduate  Certificate Couples Counselling Training - Bristol University
  • Groupwork Training - Bristol University
  • Post Graduate Clinical Supervision Training - Distinction -  University College of Wales, Newport
  • Group Supervision Training - Bristol University
  • Gestalt Psychotherapy  Training 600 hrs + Gestalt South West and Metanoia
  • Divorce and Separation Recovery Support Training - Bruce Fisher / Oxhem
  • Advanced Practitioner and Trainer in Meridian Therapies, TAT, EFT (AAMET)
  • Energy Psychology
  • Mindfulness Training - 200 hours. Mindfulness Trainer T1 - Bangor University
  • Mindfulness Training for Psychotherapists - Bangor University
  • Teacher Training Diploma - Distinction. British School of Meditation
  • Life Coaching and Performance Coaching - Newcastle College Diplomas 


Since initially qualifying as a counsellor I have worked with many organisations including  BUPA, The Social Services, Bristol Airport, The Probation Service, Insurance Companies, Supermarkets, NHS, Voluntary Services, Alcohol & Drug Agencies, The Prison Service and a wide variety of Employee Assisted Programmes.
Generally supporting staff on many different levels - through counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management training, mindfulness and clinical supervision. For individuals and groups - in the workplace and within my private practice consulting rooms.

Who I work with

  • I have worked with and continue to welcome people of all ages and cultures for therapy. Counsellors, therapists and other professionals, for example, teachers, clergy and healthcare professionals have come to me for clinical  supervision and for their own personal counselling.
  • Some people come to look at their own personal issues such as stress, anxiety, relationships and work place issues. Other people come at a time of loss and change where they may need a counsellor, an impartial person to speak with. Often we explore how the person may be stuck. Look at who or what is stopping them from feeling happy and moving forward with their lives. At times in my life I have needed my own counselling support and understand what it is like to take those first, often hesitant steps into asking for outside help.
  • As a counsellor, I have seen many people from the corporate world who have wanted to discuss workplace issues confidentially. Anxiety, depression and stress are affecting more and more employees - consequently the Mindful Based Stress Reduction programmes, for individuals and groups are becoming highly sought after with organisations.
  • Research shows that Mindfulness Meditation and Cognitive Behavioural Training for staff can save organisations money.
  •  Organisational time and  money is lost, due to a high level of illness and absenteeism among employees.
  • Relationship counselling is extremely popular. Couples can decide to enter counselling when their relationships are going through difficult or stressful times.
  •  Frequently couples need assistance on a communication level and they like to have a safe and confidential space, where a qualified couples counsellor can support them. They can often learn to communicate well and successfully work through long held onto issues.
  • Another aspect of my counselling work has been helping individuals and couples to work through loss and change, especially when it is associated with divorce or separation. Small groups, couples and individuals - have found that counselling at this major life transition can be very beneficial - especially when people are moving through all the multi facets of a relationship breakdown.
  • People have consulted me for Life Coaching. This is usually short term work. We may for example, look in a very focussed way at the clients' dreams, at their goals - exploring possible ways for them to move forward to reach these goals. Through life-coaching people can become more aware of how they can be sabotaging their own growth and development. 
  • If you think counselling, supervision, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness meditation or life coaching could be of help to you, to a family member or to a friend do not hesitate to contact me. I can listen to you in a non judgemental way, offering support to you at this stage of your life.

Referrals from medical insurance providers, GPs, EAPs and other professionals are also welcome.

Please  browse my following page on questions, practicalities, fees and therapies - then if you require more information, do
call me for a no obligation confidential 15 minutes chat.
'A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step'
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