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 Bristol Counselling - A Time for You - established 1988   

Counselling - for individuals and couples
  • People often require counselling support when they are experiencing difficulties in their lives, without necessarily seeking long-term therapy. 
  • Sometimes an opportunity to talk something through with someone who is trained to listen attentively and objectively, without judging or offering direct advice, can provide a tremendous relief - as we are often able to speak more freely and openly in this situation. This can enable us to express difficult emotions.
  • I specialise in mindfulness training and I have trained at Bangor University to integrate this into my counselling and psychotherapy work with people. 
  • Many couple clients have found that by training together in Mindfulness their relationship and communication skills can improve. 
  • Through the regular practice of Mindfulness people can develop a deeper awareness of themselves and their partners.
  • This new awareness can often bring closer contact and enhance the couples relationship - enabling them to rebuild, rekindle and develop their relationships.
  • The daily practice of Mindfulness - either formal or informal - encourages us to stay grounded, to living in the present.
  • The partners often start to feel that they are being listened to. This can lead to better understanding and compatibility. 
  • 80% of respondents who have received relationship counselling said that the counselling had strengthened their relationships. Short term counselling along with Mindfulness can be very beneficial for individuals, couples and families.
  • Rebuilding your Life after Divorce  or Separation programmes are available combined with Mindfulness Meditation
Telephone: 01275 871420 for further details.
Mid to long term - psychotherapy
  • Psychotherapy may be described as helping you to know and understand yourself better. It involves finding out what lies below the surface of your every day awareness. It can help you understand deeper mental and emotional issues or problems that are long standing and not easy to define. By exploring your past and present life and relationships, you can gain much more awareness of your thoughts, feelings, actions and perceptions. Psychotherapy can often help to answer questions you have been asking about yourself, your feelings and your life patterns.
  • An objective of coaching is often to help people to achieve their goals.
  • The basic presumption of coaching is that clients who are being coached need to be in a good place mentally and emotionally, so that they are able to make the changes that will help them achieve their goals.
  • The therapeutic work focuses on creating and maintaining a motivation for change - exploring obstacles and creating plans to move forward. When coaching my clients I aim to produce a plan of action that my client can follow with confidence.
  • I am qualified in both coaching and counselling. I am able to assess which type of approach is better for you. It is possible that you could benefit from an integration of coaching and counselling.
  • Coaching sessions are generally shorter term with longer intervals between each session. This can allow clients the space to work towards individual mini goals. Many people take up the opportunity for telephone coaching.
What benefits can you expect from the therapies?
  • YOU might find that you will be able think, feel, act more freely in your current life situation.
  • YOU can start to experience new ways of behaving in the world, maybe through relating to others.
  • YOU can view many aspects of your life in a different way, gaining better understanding and insight.
  • YOU can start to take more control of your situation to get your needs met.
  • YOU can find new ways of coping and communicating, enabling you to approach your life in a more positive way. 
  • If you can associate with some of the above why not take a more detailed look at who I am.
  • I am a senior accredited and registered therapist with The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.
  • I have almost thirty years of professional experience and an extensive range of qualifications.
  • I have worked with people from organisational, social, medical settings and the arts world.
  • I have also supported people who have presented with a wide variety of issues within my private practice.
  • If you like what you see please contact me for a FREE 15 minutes telephone conversation.
  • We can look at your needs and at possible ways of supporting you to move forward if you are feeling stuck...


In 2000 I decide to take up a formal training leading to a qualification in supervision. I trained with Bristol University and The University College of Wales, Newport in group and individual supervision. I achieved a Distinction at Master's Level in a Post-Graduate Certificate in Supervision affiliated by the University College of Wales in 2001. I have continously worked as a supervisor for over fifteen years.
I offer a creative, integrative and relational model. This model draws from Hawkins & Shohet's seven-eyed process model and the normative, formative and restorative tasks of supervision. My aim is to support you in your therapeutic relationships and with issues related to the setting of your work. Therapists within organisational settings often face complex dynamics as they balance the privacy of their work with the client, with the demands and expectations of the organisational setting.
I aim to recognise these different factors and help you, the practitioner, develop and survive these dynamics. I also try to facilitate space in which you can feel free to talk about your work without anxiety. My role as a supervisor is to give you the support to reflect on your own practice. I will encourage you to develop your own 'internal supervisor', to trust your 'wise person' inside. I will help you to take care of YOU.
I have supervised many people from diverse backgrounds. These have included trainee and qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, holistic practitioners, energy therapists and managers from organisations. I have also worked with counsellors in private practice, in organisational settings, and from the voluntary and statutory sector. 
I offer supervision and coaching to therapists who would like to start, develop and establish their private practices. I have a wide and varied professional experience - I have been working within private practice, organisational, social and medical settings for almost thirty years

In my supervision role I continue to draw on many hours of group and individual supervision and training that I have received and I continue to receive. All these different facets of my life enable me to support you within your professional role. 

Another facet to my work as a supervisor and mentor is the integration of my coaching training & mentoring work. This enables me to support you in developing from a student to a highly competent professional. We can look at your professional role within placements or your workplace settings. We can also explore ways of developing and expanding your private professional practice and maybe look at what is stopping you from moving forward in these areas. Please see further pages on my qualifications, training and experience. 

Do contact me on 01275 871420 / mobile 07941348354 / email: glenis.atimeforyou@gmail.com 
Mobile: 07941348354       Tel: 01275 871420      glenis.atimeforyou@gmail.com