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 A Time for You

Counselling, Supervision, Psychotherapy
   Mindfulness Meditation Training, CBT, Life Coaching

Contact details:  07941348354  01275 871420
Services are available in Backwell, Bristol, Clevedon, Portishead and surrounding areas

For individual counselling, relationship counselling, mindful couples counselling and small groups
  • Grief, Stress & Anxiety Counselling, Divorce & Separation Recovery Counselling
  • Psychotherapy 
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Workplace Coaching, Stress Management, Mindfulness in the Workplace, Performance & Life Coaching
  • Energy Psychology - Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Private Practice Development and Coaching for Counsellors
  • Clinical Supervision for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Holistic Practitioners, Social Workers & other professionals
  • Mindfulness Meditation Training for Stress, Health & Wellbeing - Help yourself to find peace in a frantic world
  • Supervision, counselling, coaching for Employee Assisted Programmes (EAPs)

​Consultations can be arranged:
  • Face to face
  • On Skype
  • By telephone
  • Home visits
If you are reading this, the chances are that you or someone you know may need some help
 People often come to counselling in connection with the following:-
  • Deep emotional feelings associated with loss or change. Often related to marital or relationship situations, family breakdown, children, health issues, stress at work, personal and lifestyle changes
Below are common experiences where counselling can support you:
  • denial, fear, adaptation, loneliness, friendship, guilt, 
  • grief, anger, letting go, self-worth, transition, rejection, 
  • ​trust, love,​ purpose, singleness, sexuality, confidence 

Do you feel stuck and continuously seem to be going around in a circular, negative pattern?
If you can associate with any of these issues ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it I need?        
  • Who am I going to talk to?      
  • Who can I trust?       

These can be very big questions;

  • Often the first thing you need to do is to talk to someone who will simply sit and listen, with empathy, acceptance and understanding. It is important that you can find someone who you can trust and with whom you can build a rapport​
  • Making that first phone call to the counsellor can be the most difficult thing to do and it can take a lot of courage, unless you have done it previously. 
  • Maybe now is the time to take a deep breath and just DO IT... Make some space for you
  • A time for you is NOW...
  • If you want to know more about how we might work together, to assist you to move forward
  • Please take a few important minutes to browse through my counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy and supervision pages 
  • Find out how counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy can help you
  • Whatever your concerns do contact me to see if I can help.
  • If I am not a suitable therapist for you. I have therapeutic contacts and can recommend people who could help you.
  • ​Do not hesitate to call me - Glenis Eden, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Coach & Mindfulness Meditation Trainer
  • For an initial 'taster' session call landline - 01275 871420       mobile  -  07941348354
  • If I am not available, leave a private telephone message and I will return your call as soon as possible. 
"life is about change sometimes it is painful, sometimes it beautiful, but most of the time it is both' ​Anon
Mobile: 07941348354       Tel: 01275 871420      glenis.atimeforyou@gmail.com